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Brazoria County Beekeepers Association

Welcome to Brazoria County Beekeepers Association

Established 2012 

Mission Statement


Brazoria County Beekeepers Association’s mission is to share our knowledge of honeybees and beekeeping with our local community in an effort to preserve the art of beekeeping and advocate in the interest of our members. We strive to promote responsible beekeeping practices, as well as to enlighten the community as to the essential purpose and endangerment of the honeybee’s existence through training, education, and effective management of diseases, pests, and other environmental issues. 

2020 Officers

President-Steve Brackman-832-887-6141

Vice President-Mike Stein-281-386-6375

2nd Vice President Educational Director Mike Gras-903-238-6033

Secretary-Kathy Schroeder-713-449-2161

Treasurer- Kaci Womack-254-709-7056

Sergent At Arms-Matt Humhprey-281-523-8223


Starting with Februarys meeting all new beekeepers and visitors wanting to know about the club or beekeeping are encouraged to show up and attend a presention by an experienced beekeeper that can and will answer all questions or concerns.

Please be there at 6:00 to attend. Handout with club and beekeeping info will be available.


Due to COVID19 the club will not have regular scheduled meeting until notice is given.

 Any person/family that want to become members and who do not use Credit Card or PayPal may call or text any Club Officer to make arrangements for payment.Same thing with members that need to pay dues for 2020 can do so by calling or texting Club Officers. 


Next Meeting

2nd Monday in all months 2020

                                                                      Ag Ex Office Angleton


Time, doors open at 6:00 PM

Meeting starts at 6:45 PM

NewBees meet with Mike Gras @ 6:00pm



Approved by Steve Brackman---832-887-6141

Call to Order--1 minute

Greet New Members and Guests---5 minutes

Minute's Approval from last month---5 minutes

Financial Report---5 minutes


 Colony Tips

Questions and Answers by Steve on open subjects.

Door Prizes if any

Snacks provided by  Kethy Schroeder  Txs !!

Suggestion Box @ Door




Ag Ex Office in Angleton Texas


Everyone is invited.  If you want to know something about Honey Bees come talk to local Beekeepers. This will be a good meeting for first time beekeepers as well as the older ones.


If you have any questions, please contact  President Steve Brackman at 832-887-6141                                                                                                                                                            


Come early to socialize door will be open at 6:00pm.


Club Tees and Caps can be ordered from Membership/Donate page above.





See Resources for latest news and educational opportunities in the beeworld!!

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