Brazoria County Beekeepers Association
Brazoria County Beekeepers Association

Interested in an Ag Exemption ?

BCBA highly recommends a landowner becomes  beekeeper to help the bees and gain the exemption for acreage of 5-20 acres.


Normally you have 5years to come up with the required number of hives for an Ag Exemption. You will want vehicle access to the hives  and and also should be behind locked gates for the bees protection.


Join the club for education and mentoring and stay on top of what the bees need.

If you do not want to become a beekeeper there are BCBA members that will contract with you and take care of the bees at your expense. 

Prices to do so are negotiable but the costs to start are stated above and then usually 150-300 per year for maintaining your hives. We all lose bees for various reasons and the county appraisers understand this and allows the landowner to have sufficient time to replace your bees.


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