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(Naturally Kills Mites and Hive Beetles)


1 lb. Coconut Oil

2 oz. of one of the three Essential Oils

(Spearmint, Winter Green, Peppermint)

2 oz. of Eucalptus Oil

2 oz. of White Thyme Essential Oil

2 oz. of Tea Tree Essential Oils (may also be added)


Mix coconut oil and the essential oils together

Soak paper shop towels in oil, ring out excess, leaving towels on the damp side

Lay damp paper towel on top of frames in hive


Check the effectiveness by placing a sticky board coated with a light film of grease or vaseline under the hive.  This can be used to give you a 24 hour dead mite couunt.





10 Lbs. Granular Sugar

32 oz. (1 Quart) Honey or 2 Lbs. Granular Sugar

1 1/3 Cups Water

6 Cups MegaBee

10 oz. Honey Bee Healthy


Bring sugar, water and honey to a slow boil while stirring until "hard Ball" candy consistency is reached 255 to 265 degrees F.  Take the candy off the heat and sir in Honey Bee Healthy and MegaBee with a wisk.  Pour mixture into a mold (cookie sheets with parchment paper) and allow to cool.


Once cool, break into pieces on frame top bars.




(Sugar Syrup & Essential Oils)


30 drops of Lemongrass Oil

30 drops of Spearmint Oil

1/8 tsp of Lecithin granules

1 cup of cool tap water

6 cups of sugar for sugar syrup

4 cups of boiling water for sugar syrup


In blender, emulsify 30 driops each of Lemongrass oil and Spearment oil with 1/8 tsp of lecthin granules (from the health food section of the grocery store) in one cup of cool tap water.


Make sugar syrup with 6 cups of sugar and 4 cups boiling water (microwaved 8 minutes in a 2 qt. measuring cup),  Let syrup cool.  Combine both liquids when the sugar syrup has cooled.  Yeilds about 8 cups (a generous supply).  Add about 1/4 cup or less of this essential oils mixture to each gallon of syrup.  It is especially effective when used to spray down a swarm before capture and to make a new hive or foundation very attractive to the bees.



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