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Procedures for sampling and testing bees for a pesticide kill

If Brazoria County Mosquito Department is out spraying you have a legal right to
know why, you have the legal right to contact Brazoria County Mosquito Department
and ask them why they are spraying, if they refuse to answer your questions, you
then have the legal right to request all information pertaining to Brazoria
County Mosquito spraying through the Public Information Act
You will need to email a request to Brazoria County District Attorney's office
The request will need to be phrased as to the following;

I need any document or documents, including positive test results that show(s)
pesticide applications were made to prevent or control a threat to public and or
animal health as determined by Brazoria County Mosquito Control District on the
basis of documented evidence or disease-causing agents in vector mosquitoes or
the occurrence of mosquito borne diseases in animals or human populations, or if
specifically approved by the state or tribe during a natural disaster recovery
effort for the time period of 00-00-0000 to 00-00-0000.
Thank you,
“Your name”
(Use the date of two weeks before spray to two weeks after spray, Example; spray
took place on 7-15-2018, use dates 7-1-2018 to 7-29-2018)
E-mail your request to,
Or Fax your request to, (979)864-1712
The county has 10 working days to answer your request.

Also if you see county trucks/airplane out spraying, please text Dane Beito at
(713) 530-3161 I will need time of spray, place/address or street w/closest
cross street and city or town. If your able a truck number or lic. plate number.

If you lift a lid on a hive and you immediately see dead bees in between the
frames and bottom board, dead bees on the ground in front of and around the hive,
do the following;
1. collect some of the bees on the ground and a few from inside the hive, freeze
2. take pictures of the hive and the grounds around it.
3. contact Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and file a complaint. The TDA
will come out immediately and inspect, photograph and take samples for testing.
To file a pesticide complaint call the Texas Department of Agriculture (713) 921-8200


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